Getting to grips with insurance jargon

insurance jargon

Insurance. It’s not a subject most people want to spend time thinking about. It’s there to protect you and/or your business in case things go wrong – but renewal time is often accompanied by a sense of dread. As an independent insurance broker, we understand. We know that lots of factors play into that sense […]

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5 essential types of business insurance for start-ups

Business insurance for start-ups

So, you’ve entered the early planning phase of a new start-up business; the ideas are flowing and a launch date is beginning to appear on the distant horizon. The last thing you probably want to think about right now is business insurance. But actually, it’s one of the most important factors to take into account […]

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What is run-off cover?

what is run off cover

While many of your insurance policies will no longer be required after you’ve closed, sold or handed down your business, professional indemnity will remain very relevant – and there’s one particular type of policy you’ll need to consider. When retirement age arrives, or it’s time to move on to pastures new, you’ll no doubt be […]

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GDPR and Cyber insurance

gdpr cyber s-tech

Everybody in the business world is talking about GDPR at the moment. However, we should not overlook the wider business considerations which sit within appropriate data management and the risks and liabilities these present. GDPR GDPR is concerned with the control, regulation and protection of private, personal data. The good practices which businesses introduce as a consequence […]

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Carillion collapse leaves suppliers facing ruin

carillion collapse - credit

Updated 15.02.18 “One of the most important and largest business assets for any company will be your debts,” explains Adrian Cooper, Credit Insurance specialist at S-Tech Insurance Services, “However businesses often don’t insure themselves against this risk.” The recent collapse of Carillion is a harsh reminder of how destructive the consequences of insolvency can be. Leaving […]

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S-Tech appoints new director

Shaun Walker and Phil Thorpe

Cambridge-based S-Tech Insurance Services has announced that Phil Thorpe was appointed to its board of directors in December 2017. He brings more than 35 years’ experience in the science and tech sectors with him, further enhancing the leading insurance broker’s service offering. Since qualifying in insurance in 1982, Phil has worked for Eagle Star and […]

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Telegraph 2017

The latest issue of Telegraph magazine is hot off the press and can now be read online. The 2017 edition features interviews, advice and articles focused on issues related to risk management, insurance and financial planning. Potters Resort’s Thea McCormack shares her thoughts on health and safety and risk management; S-Tech’s Martin Taylor explains why professional indemnity insurance is a must-have and […]

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Management liability insurance explained

Management liability insurance

Running a business or non-profit organisation carries heavy responsibilities. You are in a high-profile role with a correspondingly high-level of risk attached. If you make a mistake, even an understandable human error, then you’re likely to come under scrutiny. This could be from public bodies, regulatory organisations, the government, clients, customers, employees or even your […]

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S-Tech invests in tech incubator space

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new office in the eagerly anticipated Bradfield Centre, in order to provide advice and services to start-ups and businesses in the technology-led centre. Based at Cambridge Science Park, the centre – managed by Central Working – aims to build a community of tech start-ups and scale-ups. […]

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